Teaching Resources


Doodle Scheduling www.doodle.com easy to use, helpful for oganizing group meetings
Google Calendar www.google.com/calendar easy to use


Adobe Connect Pro www.adobe.com/products/acrobatconnectpro/ set up is a bit difficult if you are not familiar with web cams; setup is tricky, audio issues, slows down with many participants
Skype www.skype.com setup minimal, less than 30 minutes; Great for synchronizing remote persons.
dimdim www.dimdim.com echo requires a conference call-in number


Web Site Development

Google Sites www.google.com/sites easy to use
Smartsite (example of type of website development tool universities might offer – for UC Davis only)
very quick and easy for to set up project sites; facilitate communication and the sharing of information among team members


Project Management/Document Sharing

bmeplanet www.bmeplanet.com share ideas, manage projects, social networking for BME
Wiggio www.wiggio.com Except the TRIZ all require limited learning curve and no set-up. For TRIZ you need a TRIZ background and you need to pay for the software.
BasecampHQ www.basecamphq.com
Google Docs www.google.com/docs It was clunky, slow, prone to freezing and of questionable security.
Sharepoint sharepoint.microsoft.com easy to set up; teams can systematically save and categorize materials (documents). Permits inter-team communication; No challenges or problems occurred during our use that could not be resolved within a few minutes. The only improvement to the program would be to allow files to be dragged into folders rather than deleting and reuploading a document if the user wants to


Teaching Tools

ebiodesign.org www.ebiodesign.org online companion to Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies textbook
The Craft of Scientific Presentations www.writing.engr.psu.edu/csp.html online book
TRIZ information from halliburton www.halliburtonassociates.com/ education consultants offer tips on TRIZ on their site
netlogo ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/ simple online tool for teaching about a number of simple systems which show complex behavior; software can be run over the web; easy to use graphical user interface
John Pezzullo’s stat page statpages.org/ statistics, useful for testing and data analysis; easy to use, very comprehensive and useful
INVENTAMINS www.halliburtonassociates.com/ interesting excercises for inventors
Cmap cmap.ihmc.us/conceptmap.html concept maps; easy to learn
Surveymonkey www.surveymonkey.com anonymous online surveys; useful for acquiring user needs data

Video Resources

ebiodesign ebiodesign.org Companion to Biodesign textbook, 300+ videos on process of innovating medical technologies
eClips eclips.cornell.edu/ entrepreneurship videos for use in teaching presentations
Educators Corner ecorner.stanford.edu/ entrepreneurship videos for use in teaching presentations